tina ashmore fine jewelery meet the maker and designer

Meet the Artist: Tina Ashmore

Born in Dublin, Tina Ashmore has been making jewellery for two decades. Her signature style of pinned gemstones and pearls is self-taught and began originally with just a small number of beautifully cut stones. Over time this technique evolved into something quite unique and sculptural as she began to use thousands of hand-cut gemstones and freshwater pearls to make her pieces. The gemstones Tina uses are of the highest quality and colour saturation and are custom cut from roughs for each piece of jewellery she creates by hand. Inspired by the theme and detail of each necklace and earring, she adds the finishing touch of signature clasps and ear settings in precious metals, each one made by hand at her jewellers bench in Dublin. Tina not only makes one of a kind and limited-edition pieces in her own signature style, but she also creates ring collections inspired by her passion and love of nature as well.

Tina Ashmore has sold her work successfully on Madison Avenue in New York City, Old Lyme, Connecticut and Dublin for many years and has just launched an online gallery dedicated to her collections. She has been featured on fashion TV shows and has also been reviewed and showcased in many fashion periodicals and trade journals, including Ink Magazine, E-List USA, Irish Brides, Hello, Tatler, Image & Irish Country Magazine.