tina ashmore fine jewelery meet the maker and designer

Meet the Artist: Tina Ashmore

Tina Ashmore is an international jewellery designer. She was born in Dublin, Ireland and has sold her jewellery successfully throughout Europe, New York and Connecticut  for many years. Hidden away in her private studio in the Irish coastal town of Sutton in Dublin, Tina creates unique pieces by hand, all deliciously inspired by nature. Born into a family of Irish musicians and artists, Tina has enjoyed many different genres of creative expression including stained glass, mosaic work, music and songwriting.

Growing up, Tina witnessed her father grow the most delicious vegetables and fruits mostly from the simple act of just planting a seed, caring for it and watching it grow. This message is something that has stayed with her in life and has helped her follow her passions by planting the seeds of possibility and watching them flourish and grow into reality. Tina’s Jewelled Harvest collection is a good example. The very first piece created for this collection was her Tuscany necklace which was inspired by her first visit to the Tuscany region of Italy and a dream she had on her return where she was actually making this piece. From this very first creation, so many others grew until a unique collection of jewellery, all inspired by nature and themed on juicy grapes and berries, was assembled. 

Tina has a passion for creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces of jewellery but, a lot of patience is required. The technique she uses is meticulous and time consuming and requires a series of stages very similar to sculpture. Firstly, she builds a frame using Argentium silver or gold and then gemstones and pearls are added one-by-one using strong precious metal pins to hold them in place. Leaves, small sculptured gem-set berries and blossoms are then added to complete the theme of work. Having a background in metalwork Tina has the  freedom and ability to hand-craft custom clasps and settings in gold or silver to compliment the main subject of her signature creations.

Tina has been making jewellery for nearly two decades; constantly learning, improving and honing her craft. Avoiding off-the-shelf materials, Tina only uses gemstones, custom cut by hand for each piece of jewellery she creates. Her detailed gem-work combined with fine metalwork in gold and silver result in the creation of heirloom quality pieces all hand-made in Ireland. Precious pieces of jewellery to be enjoyed, loved and cherished and handed down from one generation to the next.